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Originally Posted by Anthony Amodeo View Post
your teacher can definitely play jazz.....soak up his info for sure

"heavy" is a common description when someone is not used to the touch of jazz playing... .......I have no doubt in my mind that you will find your touch and your sound .....and you may fall in love with jazz as so many of us have and prefer playing it to any other genre ...haha

auditions are never the place most conducive to our best performance on an instrument.

just the fact that you are taking the initiative and studying with a teacher tells me that your drive and passion are in the right place and that your are indeed careful may never want to play anything but jazz once this journey is fully underway :)
it happened to me.

keep us posted
True dat..

If had to choose one genre of music to play drums to my whole life, it would be jazz because it's so broad a term, AND you got the improvisation, making each piece different each time it's played. That's what makes jazz for me. Each rendition is unique.

I'll probably try to record a jazz cover and post it on youtube/drummerworld for people to critique my jazz playing at this time. Then I will record the same tune in 1 year and see how I've evolved.
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