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Originally Posted by Anthony Amodeo View Post
tons of good books

but listening is far more important than any book

to play jazz correctly you need to first understand how to listen to jazz.

every time I say that people think it's some hoity toity jazz nazi stuff.......not at's the truth

you cannot listen to jazz the way you listen to rock,funk, blues, pop or any other genre for that matter and "get it" is a completely different language...... completely .... constant conversation

to truly "get it" in my opinion you have to live it, breathe it, play it , and constantly take chances in your expression and challenge every musician on the band stand as if it was a friendly loving duel is completely free and raw expression .....

most importantly you need your ride cymbal beat to be solid, authentic, driving, trustworthy , and unique to you .....this alone could take weeks , months, even years in some cases ....its a true development process ....own and completely internalize that quarter note and make it feel good.

without a solid ride could have all the independence in the world and nothing will sound right and no jazz player will want to be anywhere near you

KNOW MELODIES .......this is the main key to playing jazz in my opinion....just know tunes...even if you are unfamiliar with the form....know the melody and be able to hum it

these are things you don't get from books

as I have already said....but bears repeating....listen listen listen....then listen some more....listen to every jazz record you can get your hands on....then seek out more and listen to all of them multiple times......cannot express how important that is

listen so much that within 10 seconds of a tune you know who the drummer is by his distinct ride pattern and feel know who the sax player is by his tone .....who the piano player is by his phrasing and attack....who the bass player is by his pocket alone

go see good jazz if it is in your area ....then go home and listen some substitute for listening to the guys who laid the pavement that we all drive on

as for book to get a grip on the vocab

all Rileys books....Art of Bop, Beyond Bop, Jazz Drummers his DVD the Master Drummer

the drummers complete vocabulary as taught by Alan Dawson

the evolution of jazz drumming by Danny Gotlieb

Systems by Ari Hoenig

the essence of jazz drumming by Jim Blackley

Art Blakeys Jazz Messengers by John Ramsay

get yourself those and a copy of Syncopation (which I'm sure you have ) will get an unbelievable amount of milage out of Syncopation ...the possibilities are endless

check out some Ralph Peterson videos ...they are great

I would recommend learning some of the famous solos as well...such as For Big Sid etc....

here are some great youtube channels

Tim Metz -

Justin Varnes at the JazzDrummersResourse -

Andrew Hare -

jazz playing is a life long journey and a beautiful one......I hope you enjoy it

there are some killer jazz cats around here

among others
....hit up this thread for much knowledge

you are a kick ass player Thaard.......I hope you dive into a life of jazz and fall in love as I did
Anthony sums it up here for you in a nutshell. Beautifully thought out and incredible response!

This is also very true....
Originally Posted by brady View Post
However, your best bet is to find a local teacher that can take you guide you through a jazz study.
Be sure though to find a true authentic jazz drummer who is also a great teacher. Someone that can play jazz independence only through books is of little value in my opinion. The teacher who is most valuable has done all of what was written in Anthony's post. Like so many others here (including Anthony), I have / had access to some true masters of the instrument within that genre. These people have been doing it all their lives and it's pretty much all they do. I've spent more than 8 years of my life with these guys on a weekly basis and can tell you with absolute certainty they make a difference in the outcome. They are very demanding but very sharing.

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