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Default Re: Saw a UFO at band practice tonight!

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
The Mexico mass sighting was also caught on film. IDK, that's pretty compelling evidence to me. There's no doubt in my mind, but I am not out to debate the point or try to change minds.
Lazza, film is just compelling evidence that something we don't know about happened.

Yet we know for sure that the military and spy agencies all over the world are working on secret stuff. We also know for sure that it is their strategic advantage not to reveal any part they may have had with UFO sightings.

We also know that various military and civilian agencies conduct experiments - and that these experiments don't tend to be well publicised. Not like football or political polls.

We also know that intelligent life would need to be capable of time travel to reach us, something we're not sure is physically possible at this stage - let alone possible with time travellers actually arriving in one piece.

But ... there is a terribly small chance that some highly evolved critters from another world could master time travel and come to Earth. It's possible.

However, if I was betting my house I'd put my money on all UFOs being man made or natural phenomena. Pretty boring rationalist outlook, I know :)


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