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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

There are so many needs that are filled playing drums. I think I could expound for quite a bit. I literally am fulfilled on so many levels, nothing, and I mean nothing comes close. Think of it. I think the highest need fulfilled is that I get to connect, just a little bit, with something larger than myself. Getting in the zone is one way to put it. Then there's the whole thing about being part of an organic team that literally depends on each other to work. Then there's the genuine enjoyment of the onlookers. Their undulating bodies and smiles are some of the best times there is. Music heals, at least temporarily, it's a much higher calling than a lot of people realize. It's something that is never ending. You can always feel things deeper. Music provides a safe place to totally surrender your ego and transcend yourself, and in the process, everyone in the room. There's really not much else that compares. When the whole room is of the same mind, on the same wavelength, that's the high I get. The more the music can flow right through you, the better it feels. I am getting better at surrendering. It's addicting. I love being in the zone for myself and my bandmates, but anyone witnessing it, knows something special is happening too. I can't describe the feeling I have after playing. It lifts me up for almost 2 days. It's far and away the greatest joy of my life. Loved ones excepted. The guys I play with make it easy though, I couldn't get there without them.
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