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Hey man, don't even think of selling your gear because of one bad gig. Jazz is not that easy to just jump into.

I can't add any book suggestions to the ones already mentioned. I've used nearly all of them and I have taken something away from every one of them. But nothing has helped me like actually playing with others.

I started played with a jazz trio a couple years ago and thought I knew a lot more than I did since I knew I had a decent amount of independence down, knew a handle of tunes, could sight read fairly well too, etc. all from the books I've been through.

But it was still a bit of an adjustment playing with others. Drum breaks especially. Something I'm still working at...I'm still working at a lot actually. But my point is that you can learn all types of fancy licks from a book but it won't really inform you what to do on the gig. For example, if you use "Exercise 1" from whatever book to comp all night long but it will sound dumb. There isn't any conversation going on there.

We need to know the hows and whys of doing what we do behind the kit. Actually, I can add a recommendation...John Riley's material does a good job of explaining the concept of comping as well as some classic phrases.

However, your best bet is to find a local teacher that can take you guide you through a jazz study.
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