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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

As much love as I have for the instrument, it's never been about just me and the instrument. I play drums with the hope of supporting a band. I have no interest in just being a drummer - I want to be a part of a working band, a band where each member cares about their individual instrument and the desire to perfect their technique as much as I do.

It isn't my goal to be someone like Thomas Lang, Jojo Mayer, or dare I say it? Buddy Rich. Drummers who play / played in bands, but were renowned as drummers. My goal is to be like Charlie Watts, Ringo Starr, John Bonham, or Keith Moon. Drummers who are parts of a band full of super original and talented musicians. I want my drumming to be a part of a unit that is recognized as a whole, so that, if against all odds, I do join a band that gets famous, it will be the band's legacy that I can call my own, rather than just some guy who played drums and hosted clinics (not that I think my techniques are anything anyone would want to learn), but just for the sake of making my point.
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