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Default Re: Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

Originally Posted by MrLeadFoot View Post

Mastersounds - I just returned from Guitar Center, and for the record, the 14" Mastersounds were... let's just say WOW! They are everything a drummer would want. Nice crisp, clean and cutting, and they were sweet as heck when fanned. A pretty penny, to be sure, but they really are everything they are hyped to be. For the record, I am so mad at whoever suggested them, because now I WANT SOME! I was originally looking for a 14" crash, for Pete's sake! I won't mention any names, ID DRUMMER, but whoever suggested Mastersounds owes me the $328 I will inevitably end up spending for them, because I'd be hard-pressed to try and come up with as good of a sound, no matter what mix of tops and bottoms and crashes-as-tops combo I try. Although the A Thin Crash top does indeed provide for killer fans, and a not-bad cut, it doesn't hold a candle to the Mastersounds. In fact, nothing I've ever heard in my entire life does! By the way, can someone please tell me when the equipment aquisition in this profession ever ends? :-)
Ahem, who? Me? lol Sorry to help you spend money, but glad you found the sound you like.

For me, gear acquisition ends when I run out of money! haha.
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