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Good tenacity there-- that's what you're supposed to do when that happens. I don't know how many jazz books you need, actually, if you know what to do with Syncopation. I've got a lot of books, and it's nice to see different perspectives and ways of organizing materials, but none of them are especially life-changing by themselves. Maybe try the jazz part of Dahlgren & Fine. Joe Cusatis's Rudimental Patterns or Joe Morello's Rudimental Jazz are good for getting your solo/fill clichés together. Dejohnette's book with Charlie Perry and Drum Wisdom by Bob Moses, as well as Riley's and Erskine's books, are great for general worldview.

But usually adding more stuff is not the solution if your playing is not happening-- usually you need to square away your fundamentals, listen more, play more, learn tunes, and work on your time and your touch/sound.

What went wrong at the audition?
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