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Default Re: Hazy 300 vs Hazy 200...

I never tried a 200 on the snare but on toms it shortens the note to about 2/3rds of it length. It changes the tone in a way that I didn't like, on toms. The thinner the head, the quicker it dies out. This could be a desirable for one person and not desirable for another, depends on preferences. I like my notes to ring out as long as they can. You might not. The 300 is plenty sensitive if you ask me, I mean it's less than1/3 the thickness of an Ambassador batter head. You could try the 200, or you could keep your existing head and try a 30 or 40 strand set of wires for a more snare-y sound without losing note length. With a 200 on there your note could be shorter, and you snares might be more pronounced. That's what I would be expecting to hear, but you never know until you try. For orchestral where sensitivity at low volumes is needed, this may be the ticket. For a bar band, it might take away some of the body of the drum.
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