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Default Re: Ever have an entire back wheel come off while driving fast?

Something similar happened to me when I was younger. My family and I were on vacation, 7 of us, travelling 90kph on country roads in a brand new 1967 Volkswagen Beetle with a roofrack. The car had just been to the dealer for its 1000km checkup. 30 minutes into the highway and the roofrack flew off. Three hours into the 5 hour trip the rear right tire fell off. Thank heavens our driver uncle stayed calm and got us safely to stop, the tire didn't hit anyone/anything, and nothing on the car was damaged. We were only able to retrieve 4 of the 5 wheel bolts, but and we reached our destination. The day before we left for home, one of the tailpipes was missing, either falling off without us knowing or getting stolen. We got home from that vacation safe and sound though.That Beetle stayed with us for 20 more rather uneventful years before we sold it.
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