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Default Re: And the sickness continues!

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post

...I am taking a chance on the lightweight Yamaha throne that uses a memory lock on the height adjustment pipe as opposed to a threaded spindle, but I must try it to find out. In reality, the throne (because of me) is the heaviest thing I carry....

I got a bottom of the line lightweight Tama throne today - $40 brand new.

I've got a couple heavy duty spindle thrones, but was looking for a spare so I don't have to shuffle one around all the time. When I took it out of the box, I was a little nervous about trying it, because the upper shaft looks like it's only about 1/2" diameter. What you might call very light duty.

If I was a real big heavy guy, I probably would have brought it back. But it's got a wing nut, and a memory lock. Feels sturdy enough, and I think it'll work fine for me.
It's light as a feather too compared to my other thrones.

Only thing I don't care for too much is that to be able to rotate the seat, you have to leave the wing nut loose that tightens the seat to the shaft. If you do that and try and pick it up by the seat, the seat just removes from the frame. No big deal though.

Picked up a couple extra Yamaha CS755 boom stands too. I've got one old Yamaha set that still works fine, and a couple of other brands, but I really prefer the Yamaha's, and was way overdue for some new stands.

Edit: just measured it up. The shaft that holds the seat is actually 3/4" outside diameter, with a .075 wall thickness. Should be sturdy enough to do the job. It just looks a little spindly when you're used to looking at something heavier duty.


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