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Default Re: Saw a UFO at band practice tonight!

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
We have no evidence that life has ever existed anywhere in the universe beyond earth. Some people use that starting point to become very certain that advanced alien civilizations are on our planet and our government is part of a conspiracy to cover it all up. I don't get it.
A lack of evidence doesn't mean there is/was no other forms of life out there,IMO.
Conspiracy? I don't buy it,if speaking of what's generally accepted as conspiracy.
But I do believe someone of higher public influence (i.e. group of renown scientists) could step out with REAL evidence (not blury photos of something-hovering-somewhere) FOR and AGAINST UFOs/ETs on Earth.

That's all I'm humbly asking for.

Unlikely to happen in our lifetime,though.Daugh!
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