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Default Ever have an entire back wheel come off while driving fast?

I just joined that club this morning. Someone loosened my lugs last night in my driveway, [that has a story behind it] I'm guessing all 8, on the driver side rear. I was in my Ace Electric work van, driving to my job today, doing about 45 on a rural main road. I had been driving for about 45 minutes when it came off. There was a guy right behind me who saw the whole thing, he pulled over behind me to make sure I was OK, which I was.

Amazingly, the tire projectile came close to, but totally missed 3 possible targets, a mailbox and 2 lights mounted on top of stone bases, flanking this person's long driveway. It was a small horse farm. It hit their wood fence but it did no damage, a tree might have slowed it down. I didn't see the whole thing, I just caught it out of the corner of my eye. I was busy trying to control my vehicle and get it off the road. For myself, it was one hell of a feeling to have a heavily loaded van lose a back wheel at 45 mph. I had to compensate immediately by turning hard right to keep it from flipping, but I managed to get it off the road and onto the shoulder driving on my hub. Wow, what a feeling. It could have been disastrous had there been oncoming traffic. Amazingly, the only damage was to my vehicle.

It was pretty intense, but it doesn't compare to the time I completely lost steering on my van while doing about 50 on a highway. That was truly terrifying. But that's another story for another day.
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