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Default Re: Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I have no clue what fanning is. I keep getting that Ringo 8th note swingy visual ... Do you mean like a "bark"? Because I totally get not being able to get thick cymbals to open up enough to get a good bark ... Also, I always thought that sloshy was a characteristic of thinner hats and sizzle was what manhole covers did when left open.

Maybe we need to convene a panel of resident experts to determine what the correct descriptors are once and for all. I'll go ahead and appoint myself committee chair: it is now a lingo foul to use any form of the word "fan" as it relates to drumming unless one is used for making your free range farmed hair blow around in your sexy rock video :-)
Agreed Mike.Fanning is how Ringo played his hats.His hand not only went up and down,but also from side to side.Almost in a U or V motion.

A hi hat bark is what's being played in the intro of " Take the Money and Run".You can also clearly hear hi hat barks on the Beck, Bogert and Appice album.Carmine was master of the technique,on tunes like "Lady" and "Superstious".

Steve B
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