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Default Re: Drumming: the spiritual side

Originally Posted by Zero Mercury Drummer View Post
....Why do you do this?...
Very interesting / deep thought provoking question that I'd bet could get answered in different ways depending on where you are it in life. For someone just starting out it could be for fun or the challenge, etc.... For someone like myself who's been doing it for 37 years it must be way more than that, although those two elements are part of it, but there must be more.

It's clearly not for fame, money or girls. I don't have fame, I get money from other sources (which I also enjoy doing) and I didn't meet my wife of 19 years while I was playing drums.

At this point the love and joy of it in tandem with the creativity that comes with it. I thrive on the challenge of continually working to hone my craft and play with the best players I can get to. I love to practice in my practice space shed and learn so the notion of a life long student fits my description as well.

Much more than this, music is extremely important to me. This includes listening to it as well as playing it. I spend many more hours per week listening to my CD's than I do watching tv or interacting with any other forms of media. When I listen, it's not as background either - I'm an active listener and find myself totally engaged into what's taking place. This probably hits me "spiritually" than playing. Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Art Blakey, Roy Haynes, Philly Joe Jones and Billy Higgins nourishes my soul and I must have it. It's a terrible day when / if I don't.
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