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Default Re: Buying E-drum set

I've never heard of that brand before. They do have some YouTube videos, but you've probably already looked at those. Personally, I'd go with a more well known brand like Roland or Yamaha. Rolands are a little better, Yamahas are a little cheaper. But from what I saw online when I just looked, you can get a cheaper Roland or Yamaha for less than that Millenium set. With a brand like Roland or Yamaha, you know you're getting good quality too. Also, mesh heads are quieter than rubber. I've had both, and mesh is definitely quieter.
Check out the Roland TD-3 or TD-4. There's different models of both, with different pads and different prices. I'd personally buy Roland. But you could also check out the Yamaha DTX500k, DTX400k, or DTXplorer.

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