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Default Re: Expanding the e-kit--but with what?

I added both a 4th tom and 4th cymbal to my TD-9. Then I decided I don't need 4 toms, I just like 1 rack tom and 2 floor toms, so I put the 2nd rack tom to the left of my hi-hat as a 2nd snare most of the time. But I would definitely make better use out of a 5th cymbal, so sometime soon I'll sell the extra PD-85 and buy another cymbal. I guess it's just up to personal preference. All the time I find myself wishing I had another cymbal, so that's what I'd get, but you might be different. Also, I don't know how cheap they sell PD-8's at your music store, but I know you can get them for way cheap on eBay, so I'd check there first if you haven't already.

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