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Default Re: What got you started playing drums?

I was, luckily, born into a musical family, some hobbyists, some pro, some semi-pro(?)...
Mom played piano pretty darn well, and like a few others, I was forced to start taking piano lessons prior to learning any other instrument...but it only took one lesson for Mom to realize that I was going to be too stubborn (man, if I knew then....).

So...I had a plethora of other instrumentalists to idolize. My great-grandfather was a traditional fiddler and stringed instrument guru, as well as a fairly well respected writer. My grandfather was a jazz/big band/blues saxaphonist and clarinet player. My great-uncle played the keys at local and family events. And then there was my Dad...the Drummer!

Well, I started "playing" drums around the age of 6. Joined the school concert band at 10, playing snare mostly, and then marching band at 13. Played in both school bands until I was 18, picking up a little varied percussion knowledge...

My best friend and I decided we were going to start a band (during the late grunge-era, yay) and so, we'd practice at my house and I'd use a set of my Dad's. Well, then we met this guy who'd been taking drum set lessons for a few years, and he blew me out of the water!!! So, I did what no one should ever do, and gave up my drum seat and picked up a bass guitar. Now, I grew to really enjoy playing the bass, but there was always that tinge of regret, and the fact that the drums were my 'first love'. So, when my life settled down about three years ago, I bought myself a set, sought out and found a church band to play in, and found some local 'jammers' to get together with on I am actively trying to become a solid drummer, and am really enjoying it.
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