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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I just received my 10, 12, 14 pack of G2 coated from, along with a single 8 and the 16 will be here tomorrow. I took off the previous heads and put these on in less than 45 minutes and that was with the resos being changed as well. In fact I decided to try something different . The previous batter heads were Evans Strata 1000, and I made those my newest reso heads. I was afraid they may sound dead but on the contrary the Gretsch Renowns just kept singing. The Strata are a 10 mill single ply head and all sounds good. I had been using G1 clears. The 360 series was also 22.00 cheaper from Amazon than MusiciansFriend. I got 5 heads for 48.00.
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