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Default Stats vs Stats :)

The Drummerworld forum is keeping stats up to date on a regular basis on almost everything that's going on here, including members posting accounts :)

So the five members with the highest posts count are the ones who post the most, right? Well right and wrong, those who post the most are those with the highest average daily posting :)

So, as of today, Thursday 14th March 2013, it's as follow...

Top five members with highest post counts:

1. Gruntersdad 12,965 posts
2. Pollyanna/Anon La Ply 12,410 posts
3. keep it simple 11,188 posts
4. larryace 9,169 posts
5. Harry Conway 8,036 posts

Top five members with the highest average daily posting:

1. Anthony Amodeo 8,48 posts per day
2. keep it simple 8,27 posts per day
3. Mad About Drums 8,00 posts per day
4. Anon La Ply 7,75 posts per day
5. Bo Eder 7.56 posts per day

So the real scorers here are Grea and Andy, which makes sense, they're the most popular members :)

Next member to celebrate the 10k posts is Uncle Larry, lol.

Special award for the member who keeps changing drumkit every other day, Mr Bo Eder :)

What the purpose of this thread... honestly I have no idea ;-))
Keep On Drumming
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