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Default Re: Saw a UFO at band practice tonight!

Did you say Hawking had no imagination? Have you ever read any theoretical cosmology? The sheer imagination required to analyse the data and formulate conjecture and then compose the mathematical proofs is enough imagination for anybody.

Really. If you want to read about imagination and crazy ideas, you need to read more about theoretical physics. Look a Paul Dirac. Crazy, imaginative and original ideas about the data he was seeing that turned out to be (as far as our current models, predictions and evidence demonstrates) true. Quantum Electrodynamics? It's really crazy. But it works. If we didn't have an understanding of Quantum Mechanics and theory, then transistors wouldn't have been invented, let alone modern computers.

EDIT: Looks like the poster I was replying to has deleted his posts. I'll leave this here, devoid of context...

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