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Default Re: What is old is new again!

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
If you want to hear a good recording of black dots, check out any later Tony Williams recordings - perhaps the best one is the Live in Tokyo CD. He does a solo prior to Sister Cheryl and it really gives you a good impression of what black dots sound like. They sound a little muffled because the dot is in the center. Ironic that later everyone would discover that the best place to muffle a drum is on the edge, but that was not how they were thinking when they developed the black dots - they were all about the durability, I guess.

My 13 and 16 toms don't sound too different from when I was using coated emperors, but my big 18" floor tom sounds really different - I don't know if I like it yet. But I'm sure it'll grow on me (maybe). But right now, the kit sure does look cool.

And I don't think I could afford to get 2002's just to try. Maybe one day as I've always been a fan of the 2002s, but I never really left Zildjian, and when I got my first K back in the 80s, that's what I judge all rides by.
I checked that out, they sound pretty cool. Kinda like a mix between a coated and clear head (to me at least). I still need a head for my 16 tom, I might pick one up if I find it in stock.
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