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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

Well, this Level 360 stuff might be the real deal.

I've had resonant black heads on all my toms (vintage Tama Superstars) for about a year now, but I recently acquired a new (to's still vintage) 12" tom, so I had to order a resonant black head for it. I saw the Level 360 logo when it arrived, but not knowing anything about it, I assumed it was just some marketing ploy or whatever and didn't give it much more thought.

Yesterday I put the Level 360 reso on the 12" and also changed out the batter head on that one, as well as my 3 other toms, to Remo Emperors. So...same head combo on all drums, except the 12" has a 360 reso and the rest of the toms have the old non-360 resos.

With minimal work, the 12" immediately sounded like it had been tuned by gods. The rest of the toms sounded good, but VERY different from the 12" a completely different line of drums. The 12 sounded super focused with no "off" overtones at all, almost as if I added a moon gel to it...only better. The rest of the toms sounded...well...not like that.

Remember: I still had NO idea what the Level 360 thing was all about.

I actually thought there must be something different about my new tom (I suppose there still could be...guess I won't know for sure until I get the exact same head combo on all of 'em). I tried tuning the others to match, but never got them quite there. It wasn't until now that I remembered the Level 360 logo and wondered if that's the reason the 12 sounds so noticeably different. Searched the 'net, saw the Evans site, then came here.

If that IS the reason, then WOW...I'm impressed. Now I just gotta do some more testing to make sure this is actually the case before dropping the cash on all new resos to match.
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