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Default Re: Saw a UFO at band practice tonight!

Guys, it's one thing for aliens to be likely to exist due to weight of numbers, another for them to come to Earth. How is an alien going to come here across a hundred thousand light years?

Not only travel time but they have to be alive in our era. It's taken 13.7 billion years for us humans to turn up. Will we still be around in 10,000 years time (which is almost nothing on a universal time scale)? The aliens could miss us by 1 minute or by 5 billion years.

As Hawking suggests, if aliens are advanced enough to reach us, why do they just keep whizzing by (stopping off for the odd probe or two) and going back home? Why not take over the Earth, like any other colonising nation? If they have the technology to reach here, I imagine their weapons would be scary. Our only hope would be if they were wise and peaceful guru-like aliens, in which case we could nab 'em and dissect them ;-)


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