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Default Re: What is old is new again!

Originally Posted by CreeplyTuna View Post
Gorgeous kit Bo! I've never tried the black dot heads but they are aesthetically pleasing. What kind of sound do you get from them?
If you want to hear a good recording of black dots, check out any later Tony Williams recordings - perhaps the best one is the Live in Tokyo CD. He does a solo prior to Sister Cheryl and it really gives you a good impression of what black dots sound like. They sound a little muffled because the dot is in the center. Ironic that later everyone would discover that the best place to muffle a drum is on the edge, but that was not how they were thinking when they developed the black dots - they were all about the durability, I guess.

My 13 and 16 toms don't sound too different from when I was using coated emperors, but my big 18" floor tom sounds really different - I don't know if I like it yet. But I'm sure it'll grow on me (maybe). But right now, the kit sure does look cool.

And I don't think I could afford to get 2002's just to try. Maybe one day as I've always been a fan of the 2002s, but I never really left Zildjian, and when I got my first K back in the 80s, that's what I judge all rides by.
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