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Default Re: Saw a UFO at band practice tonight!

Dr Neil De Grass Tyson of the Hayden Planetarium,and Dr.Michio Kaku of NY University and Dr.Stephen Hawkings have interesting theories concerning Extraterrestrial LIfe and space travel.Dr. Kaku believes that there are what he calls type one civilizations out there,which are just way above us on the evolutionary scale as we are to single cell organisms.He also believes that their laws of physics are different than ours,and faster that light travel is childs play to them.

They have found ways around known physical laws,and are in complete control of everything around them including weather,clean energy and even their own sun.

Dr.Hawkins believes this also,but has also gone on to say that taking for granted that these beings are benevolent would be a mistake.Intellegence is no gurantee and,that they are SO far advanced that they would reguard us much in the same way as we do the common ant.

They might NOT have the same reguard for life as we do,considering the disparity of our two civilations.Just look no further than 60-70 years ago when "Intellegent" men Killed tens of millions of innocent people,just as easily as turning on a light..Using that as a benchmark,how could they reguard us as anything more than savage and dangerous.

I've seen things that I can't explain,and some that were exactly the same as Andy's UFO sighting.

As for letting the public know.There would be a complete break down of social services,and complete panic would soon set in.Just look what happens in black outs once the mob mentality rears it's ugly head.I've been in a couple of riots as a cop,and you wonder how "humans" can act this way.

Something to think about.

Steve B
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