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Default Re: does anyone make this stick?!

Purchases from Customdrumstix has been made by other members of this forum and people have mixed feelings about them. The drumsticks themselves are considered well made and the selection and price are very nice, plus they're, you know, custom. But there was some sort of falling out or something between some of the main guys within the company (I'm not 100% sure on the details). Anyway, they stopped production for a good while and some people were left hanging without sticks or a refund.

Now there's a grand reopening so I don't know how they'll handle that fallout.

If you have the cash and are willing to take a chance, I say give it a chance. Maybe call the company, learn some more info first. I'm sure other members will give you more info as well. I know interested in company as well, but I'm waiting to see if they're really ready for more business.

Hope this helps.
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