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Default What is old is new again!

Hey all,

I had been threatening to do this and now I have. My zeppelin kit now has the coveted Remo Black Dots on them! It is a somewhat different sound, but the look is so old it's NEW! The girls are going to dig me ;)

I know, I couldn't put a black dot on the bass drum. My ear has just grown too accustomed to a good bass drum sound, so I stuck with the PS3's front and back on the bass drum. But with the drum now being completely clear, that means I have to actually wear pants when I play.

The cymbals look a little whacked in terms of size because of the camera angle, but just so you know, my K ride is a 24", and the hi-hats are 17". My one crash is 18". Who's next to try these new fangled black dot heads? You might have to order yours ;)
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