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Default Re: Need recommendations for London sightseeing

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post
Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus have huge Music mega store, like HMV, Virgin and Tower Records, they're gold mines, I use to spend days in them, they're so big :)
Yeah... HMV has gone into administration... so there is not much left really :-)

A couple of things more. Obviously what you want to see depends on who you are... personal interests, etc. so, things I like and things I liked and visited when I first moved to London a few years ago:

- tate modern, the café at the top is lovely
- as said, bricklane/etc is a cool mix of people, interesting things
- primrose hill, you'll get an amazing view of london from the park, nice pubs around, it's just behind camden town if you visit there
- consider going on top of the shard, it's pretty cool. Been there last month
- borough market, the promenade around london bridge
- area around the BFI (Waterloo)
- camden market is not that interesting (mostly crappy stuff and FULL of tourists to the point it is impossible to walk) but the market structure is interesting, still worth a visit. Hint: get out at the Chalk Farm road station.
- national portrait gallery - check for temporary exhibitions.

If you ask for directions, it's pronounced "LESSER" square. They drop some letters from Leicester. :-D
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