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Default Re: Help for first kit.

I was also looking for some nice electronic drum kits on the market but since I had no previous experience, I decided to rent some kits first (on monthly basis) and see how it works and what is important to me and my drumming style and needs. The first kit I rented was brand new "Yamaha DTX-450" (all rubber pads). I loved the natural sound of the factory preset kit called "Maple Custom". But other than that, I was not very impressed. Pedals were hard to adjust and the pedal for hi-hat controller was making some squeaky sound (I guess it was the spring). Also the bass drum kick pad was pretty hard and it felt like the beater was hitting the concrete wall. Not very comfortable or natural. So after this experience I decided to try out some other kits. Just walked into some musical instrument stores and tried a couple of them - Yamaha and Roland, with my own headphones ("Sony MDR-XB800", great bass). And then I settled on Roland TD-11KV, all-mesh pads and nice sound module. No regrets at all so far. There was another candidate I seriously considered - KAT kt2. It's a new brand, I read some great reviews, the price is much lower than Yamaha or Roland kits, its sound module has tons of predefined kits (like 45) and individual instruments to choose from (like 510 different sounds in total for all drum pads). The downside was that there was no local customer support here in Canada (only in the US) and also it has only all-rubber pads. On the other hand, I really loved the features of Roland TD-11 sound module, the ability to connect a USB thumbdrive with my own MP3s and play them along with drum kit (without need for any external MP3 player).

My recommendation is - go out and try some of those kits and see which one you like the most.
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