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Default Re: Roland TD-11 Sound Module: What's your custom drum kit settings?

Originally Posted by johnsawan79 View Post
Hi, since somehow you are discussing about TD-11KV, I just recently aquired one. But i'm noticing something on the snare mesh pad, somehow there are hits that seems weak despite being hit well. This occurs ussually when hitting the snare with two sticks or slightly adjucent two hits. Does anyone experienced or encountered this kind of situation while using TD-11KV? got any tweak advice to remedy it?

Also I'm having issues with USB function, I formatted may flash within the module, placed some drummless MP3 on it was able to sort out & fixed the issues of some unsupported mp3 which is due to the file format the unit required to recognize the MP3 files. Unfortunately after some time the USB becomes empty, also when plugged on a PC it required to be formatted. This happened several times already, I prevent any actions that could lead to dataloss such as plugging/unplugging it only when the unit is powered off. But somehow the problem persist. I'm using an HP 16GB thumbdrive.

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Hi John, I haven't noticed any issues with my mesh snare, not even when practising some rudiments, flams and rolls. Could be that your snare pad is defective or maybe it could be the cable or even your sound module, since it is also having some issues with USB thumbdrive. I use some old 1GB thumbdrive, reformatted by TD-11 module and so far it works fine - I put a bunch of MP3s there, also I did some drum kit backups to it, no issues. Can you try a different, maybe smaller, thumbdrive? The sound module reformatted my thumbdrive with this old FAT file system and that has some limitations when it comes to overall drive size.

Also, what firmware version you have in TD-11 module? I'm still on factory default V1.00 but I noticed that V1.11 is available for download from Roland web site here:
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