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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.


Once again - thankyou for the warm welcome and thankyou for the positive comments.

The swivel motion is something i use alot in my playing.
The hinge is fully ball raced both sides and fastened laterally to the rotational plane
- see pic. (Mobile phone pic, sorry!)
Many pedals hold the bearings on the OD and ID only. Concentrating primarily on the up and down forces.
This works fine........for the first 6 months of use!
We do the same, but we also apply a small amount side force. Standard closed bearings will take a small amount of side pressure with no failing.
More than enough to handle the forces generated on a footplate without moving to thrust bearings. We've made the bearing housing from stainless steel and the fastener is A2.
The standoff's are impact resistant acetyl / delrin - they play a major role in absorbing some of the forces.

But -

Moving parts wear. The laws of physics demand it. (Designers bane!)
I wouldn’t be daft enough to say our pedal hinge will never wear, but I would be confident enough to say it has an enormous amount of staying power!
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