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Default Re: New pedal from Malleus.

Thankyou for the warm welcome Reggea.

To answer your question - quite the opposite!
The bondus keys drive the bolt in the rotation axis better than standard keys IMHO.
The human hand is the reason 90% of bolts cross thread.The bondus keys actually forgive us any angle error thus reducing the chance of cross threading.
Us heavy handed folk (drummers!) are guilty of driving things too hard + overtightening things etc. I'm guilty of it, because i'm in fear of something coming loose as i'm playing.
This was something we tried to address with our pedal fasteners.
We wanted the 'set and forget' factor on every adjustement.

The bondus key itself is not a new invention - it's over 20 years old now.
It's not common in the drumming world and i fail to understand why.
It's standard issue with guitar / bass etc

I would highly recommend picking a set up from a local hardware dealer.
For anything practical, IE, cars, DIY etc they are fantastic and worth having in the tool box.
I really do mean it when i say i couldn't live without them.

Malleus Man
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