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Default Re: DW9000 double pedal - not satisfied - tips?

How long have you been playing? Sometimes we try to move toward the impossible before we achieve the possible...

That said, you said it yourself: you haven't adjusted the settings. Changing the settings can make an immense difference to the feel of the pedal. Adjust one thing at a time and when you get to something that feels right, but might not be 100%, test it out for a few days or a week, because it takes time to adapt your playing muscles.

Not that you should have to adjust your playing to an expensive pedal. But it is worthwhile to try to work with something for a period as opposed to spending an hour with it and then opining that it doesn't work for you.

I wouldn't swap out the beaters just yet! Tweaking is part of the fun of having something like a DW9000, which is billed as an infinitely tweakable pedal!

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