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Default Re: Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Hmm. I never played the Paragons, but with a thicker top, that just means you'll be using more force for your fanning technique. Old skool Zildjian New Beats are a thin top mated with a medium bottom. The thicker you go, the less musical they sound. So I'm surprised you say the paragon top is thick. I figured those were supposed to be 'musical' hi hats as well.
The Paragon is about twice as thick as both my my UFIP, and the 14" A Thin Crash I tested as a hi-hat top. I'm not so sure "force" would make them "sizzle" on fanning, at least not in a flattering way. I've tried a lot of different things with them, too, inlcuding loosening the hi-hat clutch felts, and nothing seems to enable them to fan nicely. I keep using them, because in a worship music context, a killer fan is not critical, and the way they cut pretty nice. But, in my secular band, there's no way I'd use them because of the lack of fanning. Hence my question on what might have cut AND fan sizzle.
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