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Default Thick vs. Thin Hi-Hat Top

One of the churches where I play in a worship band has a pair of 14" Paragon hats, and while I find they cut really nicely, I also found them to be lacking when you "fan" the hi-hat. Not sure if "fan" is the terminology today, but in the old days that was what it was called. If you don't know what I mean, think of those hi-hat accents in the beginning of Steve Miller's Take the Money and Run.

Anyway, I wanted some feedback based on experience in regards to my findings. Is it because they are Paragons, or is that just the way a thicker top behaves? My own personal hat is a vintage 14" thin UFIP top over a vintage A Zildjian bottom. FWIW, I recently tried an A Thin Crash as a top and while it cuts well and fans great, I'm wondering if the significantly more cut of the Paragons is characteristic of a thick top. What should I look for in a top that would give me a bit more cut without compromising the fan abilities, or is there even such an animal?
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