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I really like it. Cleans the stand mess off the stage, doesn't have to be removed for transport, so it's literally "plug and play"- which I love! As for "blocking" the sound, it can be installed either way, so it can be set horizontal like a FLATZ as well. Just takes a little tweaking and positioning to get it right. Thats how I'm gonna do mine when I replace the kick heads next week. But even now, I get a full, fat punchy kick sound as is. I have it set about 4" from the reso head, pointing at the batter at an angle so it's not straight at the beater. I'm getting a killer kick sound this way! The only adjustment I have to make is to tune the kick to the room a little bit and I'm good to go, and I'm using a cheap, Audio-Technica kick mic. Wouldn't change it for anything! Only thing I need to do now is to mount an XLR plugin to the shell.
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