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Default Re: Need recommendations for London sightseeing

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I think Grea and Daisy are in. We still need to know who else wants to hang on Monday and and Tuesday. Henri? Duncan? I do have an inquiring mind and I like museums. Natural History Museums, Art Museums, especially are right up my alley, thanks Andy.
Larry if you like museums,you have to visit the British War Museum.Facinating stuff.There's a simulated bomb shelter,and bombing.There's also a trench warfare exibit that's pretty realistic.Lots of equipment,vehicles and one of the only surviving Tiger tanks in existance. Down the block,there was a pub that served great fish and chips,and cold beer.

If you get a chance,visit the original Hard Rock Cafe.I hope Bonzo's snare drum is still mounted on the wall downstairs.

If you go to Buckingham Palace,do it at the changing of the guard.Very cool stuff.

And remember.......when taking the underground....mind the gap.:)

Steve B
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