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Default Re: Need recommendations for London sightseeing

Is the plan you asked about a few weeks ago still the go-ahead option, Larry? Just wondering. No big deal either way but it does change things logistically slightly.

In terms of what to do. Wander. Take it in. Picadilly Circus is like our equivalent of Time Square - at least the advertising boards are. Not a huge amount to do there unless you like steak, theatre or are a Freemason. Trafalgar Square has the National Portrait Gallery.

Thing is though, the centre of London is very compact. You can walk between all of these places in under an hour and the Underground is often even quicker. London is a big city but the majority of what tourists go to look at is within half a mile to a mile. To give you an idea of the suburban size, I live some twenty-seven miles from the centre of London but London actually officially starts about ten miles from me - but the 'middle' is Charing Cross (where Trafalgar Square is, near enough) and that's close to just about everything.
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