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Default Re: Need recommendations for London sightseeing

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Thanks Jon for the currency advise, I'll heed it. OK the wax museum is out (thanks er-minio) the national gallery is in (thanks Mary). Pardon my ignorance but why do I want to go to Westminster Abbey, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square (don't you have to dance there?) Picadilly Circus (Is it a real circus?) The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, Hyde Park? Not negging them, I'm just trying to find out what exactly I am supposed do there, because I haven't the foggiest. (Appropriate adjective for a London trip, right mate?)

I'm pretty sure a music store is out, but fish and chips and a drink at a real pub with Dunc is in. I just need more info about what you do at these attractions. I have the where's, I need the why's now. Would love to find an open mic blues jam but that's not a necessity.

About the Abbey Road photo, Bernard Purdie claims that's him in the photo lol. The guy just doesn't know when to quit.

I think I want to see Abbey Road Studios too, I think. Any reason why not?
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