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Default Re: Had a Guitarist try out today..... oh boy....

I got called for an "audition" many moons ago by a guitar player who got my name from the local music store. He threw some songs at me over the phone and set a date. I show up and he and his bass player are set up in a one car garage with a heavily taped cheesey drum kit set between two speaker cabinets on crates, so when I sat at the drums I literally had two speakers facing inward to me at angles three feet from my head. It was so loud I was flogging the drum set like Thor and still could barely hear the snare or cymbals. Thing was I really liked the music they played and the guys were fairly nice. So at the end of the night the bass player hands me a tape ( was that long ago) and says "hey man learn these for the next time we get together". I was pumped.

I got a call about a week later from the bass player.

"Hey...Jim (the guitar player) says you can't drum loud enough...guess we can't use you".

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