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Default Re: Need recommendations for London sightseeing

Originally Posted by Mad About Drums View Post

There's a big drum store called Professional Percussion in Kentish Town, north London, Nothern Line on the tube if my memory's correct. (I've met Simon Phillips, Greg Bissonette and Dennis Chambers in that shop)
Wow. I didn't know it was that famous.
Sadly, it closed down a couple of years ago (I live close by) :(

I would avoid the madame tusseaud museum, as it will take you more than half a day and it's a bit too much of a tourist trap.

BTW, you will fall in love with London and the people. It's easily my favorite city of the 3 continents I've visited.
It might make sense to also visit east London (Bricklane, the Up Market, Spitafields, etc.) interesting faces around. Hipster-watch basically. :)
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