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Default Re: Saw a UFO at band practice tonight!

Well guys, I was fully aware that you'd all have a bit of fun with this, & why not, I would. Bring on the fun I say! :) :) :) I'm not suggesting that said object was from another world, but it's abilities were way beyond anything even the most informed observer would be aware of. This was not a product of reflection, or the reaction of some sort of gas, or a celestial body, or aurora borealis. There was no "streak of light" aspect to it whatsoever.

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
But comets don't rapidly accelerate and change direction, do they?
Exactly, plus the speed of this thing was way beyond (like a factor of x 10 beyond) anything I know about. If it was manned, the "pilot" would be dead after that change of direction.

Originally Posted by Chromium View Post
The last was 20 years ago when my wife and I were in Brecon, Wales.
Coincidentally, we weren't too far away from that location. I'm very used to seeing weird stuff here. Not only is my location super dark at night (close to zero light overspill), we're also fairly elevated with a near 360 degree horizon view. This is the home of the UK special forces. They have seven facilities surrounding us. The main base (which is huge) at Credenhill, + all manner of communication bases (big illuminated towers & stuff), + two facilities in the Brecon beacons. I'm very familiar with how military aircraft operate locally, & I'm very used to seeing them in relation to our local topography. What we saw, was on a whole different level of ability, & "flying" much much higher. I still think my (admittedly very rough) estimate of height & speed is ultra conservative. The object was in our view for no more than 5 seconds.

I fully subscribe to the possibility that we saw something constructed on this planet. If there's an area to test such a thing in the UK, it's here. If someone else wants to see what the UK is up to, it's here. I don't make any representations to it's origin, but it's abilities were so far beyond any technology I can conceive of, it begs the question. That instant turn it made tells me that this device didn't have wings, so let's treat that as a starting point :)
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