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Thanks for your input and compliments. I am enjoying the kit more now i am playing a little.
I have taken the 'boingy' stock heads off and started experimenting with heads and tuning, i now have Evans G2 clears tuned quite low and am getting a great punchy sound throughout the tom range. Totally open they have no ring and project a full round note at any volume. I am surprised at the amount of warmth they give yet still retain the characteristics of the hard wood, not dissimilar to a bubinga. The bass drum has an emad with the narrow sound ring and a small dog blanket slightly touching the batter head which seems to be about right having tried it empty and with a pillow. The reso is a ported Black Emporer. Burying the beater gives loads of low powerful grunt and coming off the head just sounds wonderfully tonal and resonant.
I intend to live with these for a while and then try vintage Emporers next time with a PS3 on the bassdrum although i cant imagine them getting any better than how they sound now!
My 18" floor tom left Japan with the rest of the kit but so i'm told got separated and left in Germany, no idea how this happens when its all going to the UK anyway! Have been assured it will be with me by the 14th.
Here's hoping!
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