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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by e7z
Hi Steve! Greetings from Russia. Glad to see you here. I saw performance CRUE in Moscow in 1989. It was cool, especially when Tommy has crushed the drums. Recently I have bought CARNIVAL OF SINS DVD. A unforgettable show.
I have question, if possible: you sometime played with Tommy a duet? If played, what songs, or solo? As about arrival Crue to Russia for the show?
Transfer Tommy, that Tommyland - an excellent album. One of my faworite last time.

Thank you,
Hey bro, thanks for writing! In answer to your questions- No, I have never played with Tommy live during a show... we've jammed together but not in front of people. I don't believe we will be visiting your country in the near future... we are wrapping up a 13 month tour and they are beginning to work on a new record soon. Hopefully the next time around! I'll tell T that you enjoy his new disc, as well. Peace! Here's a new photo from this past week! Enjoy!
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