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Default Re: Saw a UFO at band practice tonight!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
No, seriously, we did! No doubt whatsoever in my mind. I've seen suspicious stuff before, & I know a fair bit about aircraft, judging heights, speeds, etc. This was different. Estimate the height to be 35,000ft plus. Speed = a factor of 10 x that achievable by a military aircraft. It had an outline, but couldn't really make out detail. Also had a slight orange glow to the rear - no sound. The thing that really did it for me, was a very sudden change of direction + rapid acceleration towards the end of it's visible flight. Without going into boring detail, I've crunched all possible variables (height vs. speed perception, etc), & can find no explanation for what I & two other band mates saw. Astonishing!

& no herbal cigarettes either!
I believe you can't explain it. But that doesn't mean it had to be an extraterrestrial race from thousands of light years away, which just happened to become sentient and develop interplanetary travel at the same billionth of an instant in time as us in the life of the universe.

On the other hand, people send up tens of thousands of things into the air every day, and even a few into space - jets, props, balloons, satellites, missiles, gliders, large, people and small stuff, on and on. All right here on our own planet.

There's a much better chance that humans are responsible for the thing you can't explain, as opposed to an extraterrestrial form of life, especially when we have absolutely no evidence of any kind that life exists anywhere else in the universe, or ever has.

We are the UFOs.
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