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Default Re: i am a serial snare head killer

I agree with the majority here that I think your snare is too low, which is causing the stick to hit the head at a pretty extreme angle, thus causing the dents.

Belt-buckle high is a good ballpark height to try to work up to, but I think you might need to move it up in smaller increments because having the snare suddenly 7" higher is probably going to take some getting used to.

I'd also suggest looking into general technique and stick selection too. An SD2 is a fairly short stick, which seems to be causing you to hold them really far back, in the one shot you posted it doesn't even seem that the stick makes it passed your pinky finger. Being that far away from the balance point of the stick usually leads to a tighter grip, which usually leads to blisters.

An SD1 will keep the same diameter but give you an extra 3/4 of an inch of reach.
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