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Default Re: Evans vs. Aquarian

I think overall both companies make great heads, so as long as you choose a model that suits your tuning and playing style, I doubt you'll go wrong with either one.

That said, I've recently begun switching over from Evans (which I've played for almost 15 years) to Aquarian because I've really liked the tone and durability of every head I've tried.

The Hi Velocity is an outstanding snare head. I just recently picked one up and I really like the sound.

I haven't seen anyone mention the Hi Performance snare side, but it is without a doubt my favorite snare side head. For me the extra laminated patches seem to add an extra bit of rigidity to the head that translates into crisper snare response.

As far as general construction goes the G2 and the Response 2 are the same; two 7-mil plies. The Super 2 is a 7-mil and a 5-mil, which should sound similar but perhaps a bit more open. I've not tried either one on my kit so I can't comment with any actual experience.
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