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Default Re: Evans vs. Aquarian

Since both companies make quality heads, I'd say try both brands on your drums, with the way you tune to find the best match.
I'd do a top and bottom from each brand for one drum, and see what makes you say "that's it" right away.
That's not too much an investment.

The Evans collar change seems pretty cool, and their coating is nice and they hold their tone for a long time.
Aquarian recently changed their film, which seems to be more along the lines of what they initially had. They have literature about the new film being used.
I'm happy about a film change, because their initial film was a lot sturdier in my experience. The coating has always been great, but when they changed their film (back around 2000), heads which did NOT dent on me, were denting like crazy--within a 30-40 minute period of time. That was a bummer!
Other people have not had that issue with Aquarian, but dent Remo heads...and don't dent Remo heads at all (??!!).

Good luck with your testing!
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