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I used an Oak custom at my bass players house that came from a middle school band room.

I can tell you those drums are tough.Trust me.

I love that finish,I bet it looks even better in person,and I'll wager they probably look great under stage lights.

As far as sound goes the only thing I can add to your description is that they are punchy as hell,and that the lowest frequencies might be a little "rolled off",but they still sound Big.The articulation is very good,so I think if you play a lot of fast figures they are tailor made for that.To be fair the other Oak kits I have heard were tuned way to high and seemed to lack bottom end,just like the one I recieved,but when I got them to med high tuning the low and mids really came alive,and so did the tone.The space I had them in eats up low frequencies too,and did the same thing to the other 3 kits I have had in there.

I also briefly heard a kit with Evans two ply clears on the toms and those seemed to make the note a little shorter and the attack had a lot of bark to it,probably because those drums are not only responsive,but also really fast.The two plys made them quite a bit darker tone wise also IMO.Ffrom what I heard I think different head combos could make quite a difference in some cases.

I liked the the fact that I have never played a kit that sounds like them.A refreshing different flavor for sure.

I only had the oak C's for 4 months and did not really get the chance to do a lot of experimentation with tuning and none with heads,but if they were mine I sure would have,I would have started with the kick drum,It had what looked like single ply heads with the PST two ply at the bearing edge thing,I would have tried to get a little more low end with it.

I will share that after playing them I would consider getting a kit,and they would be at the top of the list for live and or loud un miced situations,they have a ton of cut.

Hope you mend soon so you can star playing them.
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